The Warrior

Our best seller and go to for everyday use.  Consider this belt "equipment".  It's sure heft, thickness and weight will make you consider a tool box for it. 

- Massive 1.5 to 1.75" Width and 1/4" thick

- 100% USA Crafted by hand and made from premium locally sourced hides

- Rounded burnished hand painted edges

- Double nylon stitching and design adds classic detail and rigidity

- Double layer design will never split or come apart.  Once piece 10 Oz English Bridle and 5 Oz Latigo Leather for liner in red

- Made thick, perfect for CCW and EDC

- 5 holes at 3/4" spacing

- Heavy duty Stainless Steel Quite Roller Buckle

- Chicago Screws for changeable buckle

The last belt you'll ever own, until you want another color. 

1 week turnaround time to get belt made and out to you.

Your belt size is 1-2 inches larger than your pant size.  Example, if you wear a size 36 jeans then order a 38 belt.  You'd traditionally wear on 3rd hole.  For IWB Carry, a 38 works, you'll just use 2nd hole. 

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