About Us

Our passion is to provide people with a good belt.

The journey began with the desire to find a durable belt that looked good. I also wanted something that you buy once that would last a lifetime. This was not an easy task.

I have a dozen or so belts bought from brick and mortar retail stores. They don't last. High priced designer belts are not built for longevity, folks who conceal carry or an active lifestyle.

Could we design or make something better? Our decided what if we took the best available hides and the best available hardware and made it indestructible. Our belts will take any level of abuse from heavy duty to business casual. We researched and talked to people about their belt and the conclusion? Most belts suck. We decided to fix that.

Delaney Goods was created by discovering experienced talented leather craftsman, high quality locally sourced materials, modern design and technology.
Our workshop has 50 years of experience in making leather products. Taking the belt to another level was our passion. Like you, we're sick and tired of crappy belts.

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