John Henry Cowboy Rag - Bandana

Heavy 10oz 100% Hickory Cotton USA sourced. Brass hand sewn snap buttons for wear versatility. This is unwashed raw denim, and it will bleed. Custom embroidered name optional but cool. Wear it until dirty before 1st wash. Then wash, air dry, iron. Unlike any bandana you've ever had, this is made to be worn daily. By and for working-class Americans!

Each one is individually numbered, dated, and signed. They get better with age and wear. 

Perfect for welders, electricians, plumbers, factory workers, truck drivers, bikers, farmers, carpenters, painters, railroad workers, mechanics, construction, or anyone who values a high-quality bandana.

Inspired by working class railroad folk Hero John Henry.  

* Please leave a note if your having embroidered.


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