The Ranger

We decided to take the classic Ranger Belt to another level.  Historically, Ranger belts were made and designed by Texas Rangers to carry hand guns, thus the large base support leather and then a "strap" on top.  The Strap was created to take the abuse and then be replaced while the base leather remains. Our Rangers have 2 layers for the base, Latigo and English Bridle, then another 1-2 layers for the straps.  It's an enormous amount of leather.  Custom hand made to order and available for mixing the strap and base colors.  Like our other belts this one stands apart from the crowd and you will get questioned about it when in public. It will feel like equipment when you wear it.

* There are several variations you can choose from.  Please contact me so we can make sure we create a masterpiece for you. 

Option 1 -  2 tone, example. Brown over black or tan, or any combination

Option 2 - Single color, like Black, Brown, Tan or Crazyhorse. 

- Options are using different color leather for the base and strap. Basket weave or Gunslinger stitching embossed on strap, base or both. 

- Will be available in 1 1/2" and 1 3/4 wide.

- 100% USA Crafted by hand and made from premium locally sourced hides

- Rounded burnished hand-painted edges

- Double-layer design will never split or come apart. One piece 10 Oz English Bridle and 5 Oz Latigo Leather for liner in red.

- Made thick and perfect for CCW or EDC

- 5 holes at 3/4" Spacing

- Heavy Duty Solid Stainless Steel Buckle.

- Chicago Screws for changeable buckle

Two week turnaround time to get belt made and out to you.

Your belt size is 1-2 inches larger than your pant size.  Example, if you wear a size 36 jeans then order a 38 belt.  You'd traditionally wear on 3rd hole.  For IWB Carry, a 38 works, you'll just use 2nd hole. 

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The Ranger


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